Free Your IT Staff for Business-Critical Tasks

Corporations increasingly want their IT departments to focus on strengthening business functions and gaining market advantages. But when your staff is spending too much time tending to the needs of your data center, those strategic functions can get pushed aside.

While you’re likely to migrate workloads to public, private or hybrid cloud-based platforms in the future, right now you have rooms full of hardware requiring continual attention. That’s where CompuCom® Data Center Solutions come in. We take on the routine tasks associated with managing and operating your data center. As a result, your IT department can concentrate on the larger issues critical to advancing your organization’s competitiveness.

Data Center Support Tailored to Your Needs

CompuCom provides four core services to support your data center:

Monitoring and notification: We put tools in place to check the status of your data center, letting you know if any issues need to be addressed.

Resolution and administration: When an issue arises, predetermined responses are used to address and resolve it. Administrative tasks cover checking logs, performing routing backups and handling basic application-oversight tasks.

Performance and capacity management: All data center resources have performance thresholds that need to be monitored. This service focuses on keeping devices within agreed-upon parameters and addressing situations in which applications or devices aren’t performing within the desired range.

Patch and update management: We manage and install the latest patches and updates to operating systems, applications and hardware firmware. We review what the patch corrects and test it before implementing it to avoid unforeseen issues.
CompuCom offers different SLAs so you can structure your services based on your business needs.

Data Center Expertise and Flexible Solutions

By using CompuCom to support your data center environment, you’ll gain:

Leveraged knowledge: Our staff has highly trained specialists who have provided extensive service to data centers nationwide. Their deep experience means we can take on virtually any task required to keep your data center running optimally.

Unbiased assistance: Because CompuCom is not tied to a single OEM vendor, we can offer service packages, advice and technical support that meet your needs. Other third-party providers frequently have strict service requirements and limited technical flexibility.

Rapid implementation: Deploying data-center support tools can be expensive and time- consuming. It’s also an administrative burden, requiring you to create and configure policies and scripts for monitoring and management. Since CompuCom’s tools are already deployed, we can easily add your data center and monitoring service to get you up and running quickly.